Link Relevancy

Link Relevancy

Link relevancy is designed to help you determine the relevance of the links pointing to a website. This is useful when trying to diagnose a link penalty or to identify your best links for tier 2 link building purposes. 

To use Link Relevancy, enter the domain you want to scan in the domain section.
(Enter only the domain name ie: or - Do not add full URLs within the domain box.)

There are 2 types of scan available:

Full - This is the default setting. You'll check both page and domain level relevance.

Turbo - (Optional) This will only check page level relevance at half the credit cost. (0.5 credits / link)

Checking Backlinks

In the "Enter your backlinks" box, paste any link you want verified. These pages must include a link pointing to the domain.

NOTE: These links must be acquired through external tools like Ahrefs or Google Console. 

Link Relevancy Report

Once a domain and links are submitted, the tool will analyze all the links using Google's NLP classification system and generate a report determining each link's relevance of each backlink.

Color Meaning

The report can display 3 different colors:

Green - The link is relevant.

Yellow - The link is partially relevant

Red - The link is not relevant


This button will create a CSV document containing detailed information of each link, including the category identified. It is highly recommended that you export your results.


It is possible to filter the results by Page or Domain color.

Best Practices

It is normal to have a mix of relevant and irrelevant links pointing to a website. The most important metric is the ratio of good vs bad links which can be found at the bottom of the report.