Content Editor

Content Editor

The Content Editor is used to create articles and features the information from the On-page tool and the brief tool.

Left Hand Sidebar

Here you'll find the word count, last auto-save and AI credits. (More statistics and features coming soon.)

Right Hand Sidebar

There are 4 different On-Page Tabs that can be accessed on the right sidebar: 


This feature returns the suggested words for the keyword and assigns a color to each term

Color meaning:

Green - word is present

Red - word is missing


These are AI-generated content ideas related to the keyword (Notice: AI generated content may or may not be factually accurate, unique and/or related. All AI generated content should be reviewed and modified by the user.)


Shows the content from the main competitors. Click on a section to add it to the main content in a quote format.


Will display the information from the Brief & Outline tool.


Clear - Erases everything

Send to Predictive Guest Post - This will send your article to the Predictive Guest Post feature which allows you to identify the Google category

Share link - One-click share link for external editors

Export - Exports articles in a PDF, HTML or Text format

Save - Saves your article, which can be accessed in the History section. 

AI Enhancer

This list of prompts will tell the AI to generate a relevant sentence and add it automatically. 

Quick Score

This module allows you to know in real-time a prediction of your ranking according to the modifications made in the editor. 

Ai Write

This function looks at the last 12 words that were written and uses that information to create an AI-generated sentence. To use it properly, put your cursor after a relevant sentence and press TAB, click the AI Write button or use the AI Keyword Auto-insert by clicking on a term from your report.  

Grammar Checker

On-Page has a built-in grammar and spelling checker that will let you know if the text needs to be modified or improved.