On-Page Tool Overview

On-Page Tool Search Bar 

This feature scans a keyword on a specific page and generates an NLP report. These reports can be accessed via the History function and can be exported to the Content Editor. 

Enter Your Keyword Here

This is where you enter your search term for the On-Page scan. 

Compare Your URL here 

Here goes the URL of the page that is going to be scanned. 

Select Region

For localized searchers, there are 27 regions available:


Five buttons are located above the main search bar. 

These buttons have the following functions:

  • Send to Editor - Loads the results in the Content Editor
  • Clear - Erases the current report
  • Export - Creates a CSV document with all the information
  • Recheck - Runs the search again
  • Load - Opens previous searches from the history


There are 3 additional options below the Submit button.

  • Compatibility Mode - This option will scan the whole page and skip the main content detection.
  • Force Main Content - Forces On-Page to identify the main content and only scan that.
  • Deep Scan - This option doubles the depth of search (Advanced Plan). 

Relevance Score

The Relevance Score is the relevance of the page for the term. It displays the 3 highest-rated sites compared to yours. The red line represents the average.

  • Word Count: Your word count compared to the average page
  • H1 - H4: Amount of Headers
  • Images: Amount of images
  • Relevance Score: Your relevance compared to the average page
  • Entity Density: The presence of relevant terms within your world count

Word Recommendation 

These are the relevant words that can help your rankings based on the commonalities across all the related websites. The importance is represented by the number in the brackets.  

Color Meaning

  • Green - The word has been detected on the page.
  • Red - The word is not present. 
  • Yellow - The word is present but with a different meaning.

Highly Related Words

This feature shows a group of terms that were detected by the AI as highly related words. These are extremely recommended terms that might not be used by competitors. 

Keyword Variations & Related Words

This section displays words that can replace your main keyword and words that are highly related according to Google. Use these suggestions if a word is being repeated too often. 

Core Words

Core Words help Google understand what the page is about and match it with relevant search queries. They reflect the main themes or subjects of a page.

Speed Details (Mobile)

Speed Details are measurements used to assess the performance and efficiency of a website in terms of how quickly it is loaded and how it responds to user interactions:

Largest Contentful Paint: Measures when the largest content on a page loads.

First Contentful Paint: Measures when any content first appears on the screen.

Cumulative Layout Shift: Measures how much the page layout shifts during loading.

Time to First Byte: Measures how quickly the server responds to the browser's request.

Web Vitals

Web Vitals measure key aspects of user experience:

Performance: How fast a webpage loads and responds.

Accessibility: How easily a page is accessible to people with impairments.

Best Practices: The page follows Google's best practices.

SEO: Google's SEO score.

Over-Optimization Protection

This feature counts how many times a keyword has been repeated and will display a warning in case the term is at risk of over-optimization. 

Page Classification

This is a list of the main Google categories in which the top-ranked pages are falling.  

Specific Category Words

This is a selection of terms that are relevant to the top 2 categories. 

Competitor Analysis

This comparison table displays the most important terms and how many times they have been used by your competitors. The first column shows a list of relevant terms with the importance grade on the right (1-10). The subsequent columns show if the competitor is using the term and how many times it is being used. 


Red - Not found

Yellow - 1-2 times

Green - 3+ times

Swipe Content

This section displays AI-generated ideas that can help you to outline your content, including Suggested Title, Topic Coverage, Facts & Statistics. 

Note: The results should always be reviewed by a human.

Topical Authority Questions

This AI feature generates zero-volume-search questions that can improve the authority of the page. 


Copy All - Copies results in text format

Copy HTML - Copies results with H2 and Paragraph coding

Get all Answers - Generates the answers to all the questions

Note: The results should always be reviewed by a human.

Link With Relevance Recommendations 

This section scans the whole website in order to find and recommend the best pages for internal linking.