Stealth Writer

Stealth AI Writer

The Stealth Writer is a feature that has the ability to create an optimized article based on just one keyword. It includes some functions to refine the article before generating it.

Enter a keyword for your article

The Stealth Writer will automatically research your topic, learn about current trends and create a high performing article.



Enter your focus URL which provides additional information about your product / service.

2.Your website

Enter your root domain of the local website, the system will crawl it to learn about you. You can add the URL of the target site so that the Stealth Writer can use existing content as a reference for the new article.

NOTE: Only the domain, without extensions, should be enough to avoid exceeding the character limit.

3.Force Local

Check this box for optimized Local Articles.

4.Website Description

Add a description of the website and/or business. (Important to describe the type of local business.

NOTE: Do not repeat the main keyword here as it will result in a lower quality article.

5.Enter Call To Action URL

Include a call to action link. This can be a contact page, a web form to complete or it can be left blank.

6.Enter Call To Action

Write a short call to action for the end of the article. This can include calling a phone number, clicking a link or taking an action.

Additional Options


Article Length (Short, Normal, Ultimate)

The default is short as it has shown to perform very well in our tests.

Perspective "Auto" or "1st Person"

It's recommended to keep it on "Auto" for most cases.

Version of the Stealth Writer

The latest stable version will always be the default.


Opens up the extra options. These are the available extra options to further refine the article, including the option of "Force Local" to focus on the location of the provided URL:

  • Skip intro
  • Skip Quick Answer
  • Skip Takeaway
  • Skip FAQ
  • Force FAQ
  • Disable AI Image

AI Images

This feature allows you to add one unique image generated with AI technology at no extra cost. (This feature can be disabled in the Extra Options)

Once the article generation process is initiated, the system will create an image that is fully optimized in terms of file size, name, and alt text.

Image Options

Clicking on the image displays 2 options.

Download:This will download a full size version of your image

Remove: This will delete the image from your article

Importing images using the Stealth Importer Plugin

The images can also be imported along with your article using the Stealth Importer Plugin. Make sure to have the latest version installed on your WordPress site for it to function properly.

DISCLAIMER - AI images are limited to one per article, and they are not eligible for refunds or reruns. Some articles may not be eligible to have an AI image, as certain sensitive topics are restricted. Anomalies in the images can occur.

Confirmation message

Before proceeding with creating a new article, a confirmation message will appear. If you agree with the stipulations, click confirm and the tool will start creating the article. This can take up to 15 minutes.


Once the article has been generated, a module will appear on the left with an outline of the content. By clicking "edit", you will have the option to rewrite that section and generate new, relevant content to further customize your text.


On the right side, the complete article will appear, which can be edited with the basic formatting options. The total word count appears in the bottom right corner.



This option allows you to download a version of the article in .docx format.

Detect AI

The Stealth AI Writer includes an integrated AI detector that provides a real/fake rating.

With this option, it is possible to send the article to the Content Writer for further editing and optimization.


Here, you can generate a designated link to share the article with external users without them having an account on On-Page. Stealth Importer plugin

At the bottom of the page, you will find the link to download the Stealth Importer plugin. This is a tool that can be installed on WordPress sites to facilitate the export and import of your articles created with the Stealth Writer.

To learn more about its functionality and installation, you can visit the documentation by clicking here.